Story Behind BBSAK

BBSAK was built as a JL Cmdr replacement tool with a more friendly GUI, developed by two hobbyist developers. It has grown to what it is today, a windows application with many funtions for modifiying BlackBerries. It uses Javaloader to do its magic. We hope that you all will find it as useful as I do. Please if you post on other sites use the link provided here, so we can keep count of downloads.

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Backup 3rd Party Applications!

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Install Older OSs W/O Uninstalling!

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Install & Remove COD Files.

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Make & Install JAD Files.

Why Donate?

BBSAK is a community effort provided for free by two hobbyist developers. If you found this app useful, please consider supporting future development by donating a small amount ($5 recommended) through the PayPal . Thank you for your support!

We also send users who donate $5 or more the "No Nag Screen" version of BBSAK.

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